Our Process

We can provide any of these services for projects of all scale and scope
Concept development

Here is when we bring your ideas to life. We work with you to pin point your vision and goals for the project. We can perform resource analyses to make sure that your vision is aligned with the physical constraints of the site. We can also perform stakeholder analyses to ensure that the project has community buy in. At the completion of this stage you will have a comprehensive understanding of the scope of your project.

Design and engineering

This is when we get into the nitty gritty details of your project. We have experienced architects, engineers and horticultural specialists who work together to develop a model for your project, a bill of materials and a project plan. At the end of this phase you will have a complete design model and projected timeline.

Economic analysis and finance

We want your project to be financially viable and sustainable. We work with you to identify grant opportunities and financing options for your project. We can also perform economic analyses of your project and develop strategies to maximise the ongoing value output of your project. At the end of this phase you will have a thorough understanding of your capital and operational costs as well as payback estimates.


This is when your vision is realised. We oversee all civil works, construction, landscaping, installation and planting works. We test all elements of the project and work to deliver the project in a timely fashion as per the design. We also have capacity to perform maintenance services and/or educational seminars to ensure that your project becomes a long term environmental asset. At the end of this phase you will have a fully functional environmental asset.

About Us

We are innovators. We use clever design and engineering to build healthy, sustainable and liveable cities.
Transforming cities into catchments and food bowls

Modern cities are resource consuming and waste producing. Biofilta is trying to reverse this trend. We want to see cities become resource producing and waste consuming. We want see cities that are healthy, resilient and suitable for a changing climate. We focus on water and food. When it rains in our cities water runs off buildings and roads, into drains and eventually into our waterways. This wastes water and causes environmental damage as rubbish, heavy metals and chemicals are flushed into our waterways. At Biofilta, we design stormwater harvesting systems to divert runoff into “mini-catchments” and use biofiltration methods to naturally remove pollutants. The water is then used to irrigate our parks and green spaces so we no longer have to rely on our current potable supply. Urban food systems are also unsustainable. Food miles are becoming longer, food deserts are common, health outcomes are poor and we are being inundated with plastic waste. At Biofilta, we also believe that environmental literacy relies on participation in activities like food growing. That’s why we are making urban agriculture easier, more appealing and more sustainable. We have designed state of the art wicking garden systems to improve water-efficiency of urban agriculture, minimise labour requirements and make food growing accessible to all city dwellers. Combined with harvested rainwater and onsite composting, our wicking systems can turn food miles into metres, reduce cities’ waste output and make cities more food secure.



A specialised team of qualified engineers, scientists and support staff
Marc Noyce
Marc Noyce
Marc is a recognised expert in the area of stormwater management and water sensitive urban design. Marc has 18 years experience across all levels of stormwater industry and has held senior positions at Melbourne Water, Department of Sustainability and Environment and global engineering firm Cardno prior to joining Biofilta as its CEO. Marc leads the team with innovation and a passion for environmental improvement. 0417 133 243
Brendan Condon
Brendan Condon
Brendan brings 25 years of professional experience in ecological restoration projects and a passion for making our cities more liveable in a rapidly changing climate.
Tracy Noyce
Tracy Noyce
Office Manager
Tracy is responsible for Office Administration and financial reporting. Tracy is highly organised and assists with the day to day running of the business. 03 9673 0320

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