Providing sustainable environmental solutions for a changing climate

Precinct scale bioretention, stormwater harvesting and treatment solutions for a sustainable future. Our spatially efficient design has been used in some of Melbourne’s most iconic sites including Fitzroy Gardens, Birrarung Marr and Darling Street in East Melbourne.


Space saving stormwater treatment to make land available for additional development compared to traditional raingardens. We combine engineering, water sensitive urban design and ecological principles to the way bioretention and stormwater harvesting systems are designed, installed and maintained.


Foodwall for space and water efficient vegetable and herb growing at home, the office and schools. A free standing and modular greenwall, coolwall, livingwall and vertical garden. Foodwall is used for urban retrofit resulting in increased green spaces and making previously unproductive hardscapes food bowls for the community.

About Us

We are innovators. Our environmental engineering solutions are award winning and ahead of the curve.
Transforming cities into catchments and food bowls

Biofilta has a vision to help transform cities into catchments and foodbowls. To deliver this vision, Biofilta has developed innovative designs, product and construction techniques to capture, treat and store stormwater from our urban environments in a spatially efficient and flexible manner. Our system approach allows the creation of smart “mini-catchments” in our cities and naturally removes pollutants to provide fit for purpose water at a cost less than current potable supply. As the cost of potable water increases, a Biofilta system delivers greater value over time. Urban food is an important issue to tackle as the pressure on resources and space compete to drive the cost of feeding ourselves. To help transform our cities into foodbowls, Biofilta has developed a modular, wicking vertical garden system for use with community, schools, café’s and urban residential settings. This ultra-water efficient soil based growing system allows easy access to vegetables and a space multiplier of 2x or 3x the available footprint. Combined with harvested rainwater and onsite composting, the Foodwall can truly help to reduce the food miles to metres and assist with the future challenge of sustainable living.

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A specialised team of qualified engineers, scientists and support staff
Marc Noyce
Marc Noyce
Marc is a recognised expert in the area of stormwater management and water sensitive urban design. Marc has 18 years experience across all levels of stormwater industry and has held senior positions at Melbourne Water, Department of Sustainability and Environment and global engineering firm Cardno prior to joining Biofilta as its CEO. Marc leads the team with innovation and a passion for environmental improvement. 0417 133 243
Brendan Condon
Brendan Condon
Brendan brings 25 years of professional experience in ecological restoration projects and a passion for making our cities more liveable in a rapidly changing climate.
Tracy Noyce
Tracy Noyce
Office Manager
Tracy is responsible for Office Administration and financial reporting. Tracy is highly organised and assists with the day to day running of the business. 03 9673 0320


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