August 19, 2016


How do I install my Foodwall?
Assemble the frame by inserting the legs.
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Hang the water level setting box, slide in the tubs and connect the hose.
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Place wicking tray and aeration tubes into each tub.
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Use potting mix designed for wicking garden beds. Ask you garden centre or purchase from Biofilta. Make sure all the soil cones are full of potting mix before filling up completely.
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Add the full 50L of potting mix, water in your seedlings, then fill up the water level box with the hose.
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How do install additional bays?
Assemble the frame and place it next to the first Foodwall.
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Slide in the tubs and connect each tub via the rubber hose.
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Place wicking tray and aeration tubes into each tub.
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Add 50L of potting mix to each tub.
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Plant your seedlings and water them in.
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Connect a hose to the water level setting box and fill up to the desired water level.
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How is Foodwall a wicking garden bed?
Biofilta have designed an advanced wicking garden bed kit which fits inside each Foodwall tub. The tray allows the potting mix to access the stored water using cones filled with potting mix that go into the water table. Biofilta have also integrated an aeration loop into the tray design which allows oxygen to get between the potting mix and water table. This prevents the water going stagnant, gets oxygen to the root zone and boosts plant productivity. The aeration tubes are also mosquito proof. The whole water wicking process and aeration loop occurs naturally without any pumps, irrigation or electricity and provides your plants with up to two weeks of water. This is what makes Foodwall such a sustainable way to transform cities into food bowls.













What can I grow in my Foodwall?
Download our 50 Edible Plants You Can Grow in Foodwall fact sheet








Where should my plants go in the vertical Foodwall?
Download our Edible Plants for Vertical Wicking Garden Beds fact sheet









How do I operate and maintain my Foodwall?
Download our handy Foodwall Operation & Maintenance fact sheet

What are Biofilta’s terms & conditions of purchase?
Our T&Cs are available to download here