Foodwall Tubs

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86 x 45 x 32 cm
5 kg
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Whether as a system or single unit, the Foodwall Tub offers water efficient wicking garden bed system designed to grow healthy organic food at home.

The Foodwall™ tub has the following innovative design features:

  • Constant optimal growing conditions through an advanced wicking design.
  • Aeration of the wicking mix and micro roots above the water reservoir.
  • Free drainage and watering occurring passively all day and night to meet the varying demands of vegetables.
  • No need to spend hours watering a garden, Foodwall™ does it naturally for you during the week.

Connect multiple tubs together and grow a wide range of vegetables, herbs and flowers without needing pumps to move water through the garden.

Compatible with a range of frame options.

Foodwall™ is made in Australia with Australian materials which means high quality and long life.

Assemble the Foodwall™ in minutes without the need for special tools.

Designed and Made in Australia by Biofilta Pty Ltd.

Unique features:

  • Fill the tubs once per week from a single hose connection – time saver.
  • Bottom watering means weeds find it harder to establish due to a dry surface – time saver.
  • Change the water level to suit different plants and seasons.
  • Advanced aeration loop allows oxygen exchange with the root zone inside the growing tub to promote healthy root systems.
  • Ability to vent built-up heat means less stress on plants during summer.
  • No smelly stagnant water like traditional wicking garden beds.
  • Optimal light and shade for vegetable and herbs.
  • Modular configuration allows you to connect up to 10 tubs and expand your Foodwall™ at any time.
  • 10 year warranty.

Sustainability features:

  • Wicking design allows natural water delivery to meet the needs of the plants. As temperature rises, the process naturally wicks more water up to the plants.
  • 20 litres per tub of stored water means each tub has a week’s worth of water in warm weather and longer in winter.
  • 50 litres of potting mix per tub means your plants will produce more food and be more resilient to temperature changes.
  • Reduce food miles to food metres by growing your food locally.
  • Close the nutrient loop by reusing organic waste by adding compost to your Foodwall™. Especially good if you have a worm farm.
  • Reuse water by harvesting rain water and using it with your Foodwall™.
  • No electric pumps needed to water plants. Natural wicking through capillary action means water gets to every plant.
  • Growing tubs are made from food grade, UV stabilised, long-lasting plastic.
  • Tubs can be recycled to make other products which reduces landfill waste.

These features let you grow food while saving time to do the things you love, saving space to make the most of what is available and saving water to ensure this precious resource is used sustainably.

Help support local business. Biofilta is an Australian owned company who is continually finding ways to use local suppliers and manufacturers in all things we do. Think local and buy local to support Australian businesses and reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Installation note: Foodwallrequires a solid and level surface to ensure water is evenly distributed through all growing tubs.