How to Design and Integrate Sustainable Greenery into Facilities

How to Design and Integrate Sustainable Greenery into Facilities.

Biofilta worked with the design team of Geelong’s new Simonds Stadium to integrate our Advanced Wicking Bed technology into several indoor feature gardens.

What’s unique here is that our Foodwall tubs and wicking garden components were cleverly included in the interior design of the cabinetry. This enables the facility manager to have a highly aesthetic and functional interior plantscape with minimal maintenance.

Each row consists of multiple Foodwall tubs which are connected together by an internal hose. This provides up to 20 litres of water storage in each tub and ability to water all tubs from a single reservoir concealed at one end of the cabinet. With natural wicking, the plants are watered from the bottom up without the need for pumps or irrigation. Simple. Stylish. Sustainable.