King of Kale!

We just harvested 4.72kg of Kale from 3 Foodwall tubs today worth an amazing $101.15 as compared to chopped kale prices from a leading supermarket. The kale was grown in 8 weeks in our Foodwall Step below from 3 tubs. That’s 0.780kg of Kale per tub per month. At supermarket prices of $21.42/kg, our wicking tubs are growing $16.85 worth of great food each per month.

Lets put that another way:

Each Foodwall tub is creating $202 worth of fresh, nutritional food per year and there are 2 tubs in a Foodwall Step costing $499 and $399 for the additional two tubs. We use our own growing wicking mix which is an additional $20/tub.

On this basis, the Foodwall Step system below of 4 tubs + frames + water level boxes costs $900 and is producing at a rate of $809 worth of fresh food per year that you can grow at home and share with your family.

How does an 89.9% return on your investment in the first year sound?

Please let us know if you can get a better investment return.

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We harvested a total of 16.5kg from our show garden in Bay Street, Port Melbourne and as usual, donated all produce to the local Uniting Church Parish Mission today.

Next week, we will be replanting to repeat the cycle.