Biofilta went back to skool today

Doncaster Secondary school located in Melbourne’s east engaged Biofilta to develop a concept that turned a concrete 4 square area into a garden oasis that fitted with the overall master plan of a modern school garden.

Initially, the master plan sketch called for our vertical Foodwall system to maximise the productive space available by stacking the wicking garden beds and having horizontal beds around the outside.












We went back today to complete the installation of the garden section using our vertical and new horizontal wicking garden beds. The change was to incorporate the walkway into the middle of the garden so that classes walk through a healthy vegetable garden throughout the day.

We also installed our latest advanced wicking horizontal garden bed today that takes everything we have learnt from the Foodwall system and applied to large 3m long x 1m wide garden beds with our new tank insert and airflow cones.

Doncaster School (4) 50%





















Key features of this garden:

  • Easy ergonomics for students to access food and tend to plants quickly;
  • Fully adjustable water levels across each Foodwall row;
  • Estimated food growing potential 300kg pa valued at $3,000 based on an average of $10/kg of produce;
  • Total growing area 18.5m²;
  • Installation in a single day complete with soil and plants;
  • Minimal water use from bottom watering method – only needs to be watered once every 2 weeks;
  • Ultra low maintenance due to dry crust formed on the surface to suppress weeds and minimise evaporation loss;
  • All products are designed in Australia and Australian Made;
  • Growing media supplied by Biofilta and developed specially for wicking garden beds;
  • Aeration loop designed into horizontal beds to oxygenate roots passively;
  • No need for rock or geotextile across the bottom of a wicking bed;
  • One-point watering for each garden system;
  • Delivery and installation of the large format garden beds now available across Australia via the Kingspan-Tankworks network and modular Foodwall through our direct shipping method.

Biofilta is a privately owned stormwater and environmental company based in Port Melbourne, Australia. Our mission is to help turn our cities into Catchments and Food bowls.

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Happy gardening 🙂

Doncaster School (9) 50%