Integrated water management under way in Leopold, Victoria.











When space and environmental outcomes are of critical importance, Biofilta’s integrated water management approach makes sense.

The Gateway Plaza shopping centre expansion in Leopold, Victoria is a 6.5ha commercial development project which is located in flood prone area, has limited outfall capacity and is close to a RAMSAR wetland. To complicate the project further, the management of storm water solution must also cater for future upstream development needs and outflow is limited due to hydraulic restriction in the adjacent wetland system.

Integrating flood management, water quality treatment and solving hydraulic capacity issues is easy with a Biofilta system approach.

Our approach enables pollutants to be removed from storm water over time by collecting the debris in chambers for easy removal and capturing a a large volume of water for filtration through our above ground bioretention planter. This approach ensures that flood flows are retarded while our system gets to work cleansing the pollutants to best practice environmental targets using a natural treatment approach after the rain event occurs. The soluble pollution treatment process occurs with our specially blended sands and nitrogen and phosphorus loving plants.

If the system floods, no problem, the planter is protected due to its elevation above the flood zone and only ever receives water at a controlled rate.

During times of no rainfall, our planters reuse some of the filtered water again for self irrigation. Thus, no potable water is needed to keep the vegetation alive and the biofilms are kept moist and active for the next feed of nutrient rich stormwater runoff.

Filtered stormwater, cleansed of pollutants are then sent to the downstream receiving water way to protect sensitive environments.

The benefit for the development is that the full site is unencumbered which maximises developable land and distributed rain gardens, which often clog from debris and fail due to lack of water are avoided.

Work on the Leopold project is well advanced with the pipe boring complete, basin constructed and bioplanter under way as shown below.


Maintenance and ongoing costs of a Biofilta system are low as the vegetation area is minimised compared with a wetland or distributed rain gardens. This smaller footprint offsets the cost of running a pumped system.

As a Design and Construct Contractor, Biofilta Pty Ltd ( ) is experienced in finding ways to integrate flood management with water quality objectives.

If you have a problem site or need to achieve a wide range of integrated storm water management objectives in a small area, we would be pleased to discuss.

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