Foodwall abundance for the family

Feed a family with fun, sun, soil, water and a Foodwall. This family has a Foodwall exploding with flavour, vitamins and essential minerals in the form of a vegetable and herb bonanza!

We caught up with our Cranbourne residential installation to see how a typical family of 4 (primary school boy and younger girl) were getting on with their Foodwall.

What we found surprised even us!

We asked Karen to describe her experience thus far:

How often do you water?

“We turn the tap on and off once a week”

How much maintenance has it taken over the past 4 weeks?

“We haven’t seen a weed and literally done nothing, we aren’t gardeners.”

Is the whole family involved?

“Both kids have a Foodwall tub each and they get excited to come home and see how much their tub has grown”

“All our family and friends come around to see how it’s going and they are amazed at the growth. We are eating the spinach, rosemary and lettuce and the tomatoes, carrots and strawberries are nearly ready.”

What have you learnt so far?

“We probably planted too much at first and will learn to space the seedlings differently next time. We have also learnt that gardening can be easy and fun!”

Thanks for the feedback and happy gardening from the Biofilta team!