Townsville Recreational Boating Park, Queensland.

Biofilta has completed a stormwater harvesting, treatment and recirculation system for Townsville City Council at the Townsville Recreational Boating Park (TRBP).

The Biofilta System was selected by the Townsville City Council due to its spatial efficiently reducing the required WSUD footprint from 3,200 sq. metres to an above ground footprint of only 360 sq. metres whilst meeting or exceeding the best practice stormwater treatment guidelines.

The Biofilta System intercepts all stormwater runoff up to and including the 3 month stormwater event from the 3.6 ha TRBP development site. After detaining the runoff from the site, the Biofilta System provides primary (i.e. gross pollutant trap, sediment and oil interceptor unit) and secondary (i.e. vegetated planter) treatment of the stormwater. The treated stormwater is used to recirculate through the planter for sustainability then discharged to Goondi Creek at a controlled rate.

Key Project Facts:

  • Catchment size 3.6 ha
  • Planter size 350 sq. metre (less than 0.1% of catchment)
  • 10,000 litre Gross Pollutant Trap
  • 20,000 litre Sediment and Oil Inceptor Unit
  • 100,000 litre detention tank
  • 50,000 litre retention and recirculation tank
  • Average annual rainfall 1,143 mm
  • Filtration and bioretention with selected media and native plants including Ficinia nodosa, Juncus usitatus and Lomandra hystrix

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