Euneva Avenue, City of Monash, Victoria.

The Euneva Ave Carpark Building Biofilta System provides for the capture and treatment from the entire 1,700 m2 site and provides treated stormwater for the two green walls of the 6 level carpark as well as the irrigation needs for the surrounding landscape. The Biofilta system was selected for its unique ability to provide a spatially efficient stormwater treatment, with a significant reduction in footprint when compared to a traditional raingarden.

Without the Biofilta system providing filtration and collection, there would be a large silt load which would lead to clogging of the elevated planters which are difficult to maintain. With the current configuration all maintenance is done at the ground level Biofilta bioretention planter. Our Biofilta system provides an attractive landscape which also lowers the Urban Heat Island Effect and cools the western facing entrance way and office.