Darling Street, City of Melbourne, Victoria.

The first major Biofilta bioretention system was built in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Citywide in 2011.

This system is located on and under Darling Street, adjacent to Darling Square in East Melbourne. The Darling Street installation utilises the Biofilta bioretention system as part of a robust and logical treatment train. Much of the multi phase treatment train is located underground including gross pollutant and sediment capture, stormwater capture tanks, and efficient smart pump systems.

The Biofilta system delivers a spatially efficient design, enabling best practice stormwater objectives to be achieved in a significantly smaller area than traditional Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) approaches. As part of the Darling Street design investigation it was determined that a conventional raingarden sized to meet the best practice guidelines would be required to be approximately 2,200 m2 in area. This area was not available. The Biofilta system provided the equivalent treatment with an above ground footprint of only 120m2. In addition, to meeting best practice pollutant reduction guidelines, the Darling Street Biofilta is configured to supply up to 20,000,000 litres of fit for purpose irrigation water per year which the City of Melbourne is utilising to irrigate adjacent heritage listed green space.