September 18, 2015


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Urban Food Production is a key part of our future sustainability, social connection and food security.

Biofilta has developed a range of modular garden products that are water efficient, user friendly, high yield and low maintenance. The Foodwall™ sustainable garden range is Designed and Made in Australia.

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Step Foodwall™

Compact, water efficient and high-yield. The ideal sustainable garden solution for rooftops, balconies and courtyards.

Foodwall - Not Your Average Pot Plant


Vertical Foodwall™

No more bending across garden beds, Vertical Foodwall™ comes in double or triple row heights and multiplies the productivity of any space.




Horizontal Foodwall™

The Advanced Wicking Garden Bed is a fully sealed, raised wicking garden bed that does not require traditional materials such as scoria, plastic liner or geotextile. Download specification sheet here.


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 Key sustainability features of Foodwall™

  • Wicking garden beds water from the bottom, increasing water efficiency and maintaining a dry surface to prevent weed establishment
  • Adjustable water level to suit seedlings and established plants
  • Stored water to reduce plant stress during hot periods
  • Internal aeration system to separate most of the soil from the water to maintain the health and productivity of the root zone
  • High plant productivity and vegetable/herb yield
  • Modular – connect multiple bays and water from a single point
  • Connect to a raintank and harvest rainwater

Design and Construction of large-scale community gardens and urban farms

The modular design of the Foodwall™ range allows for scalable community garden and urban farm design to fit the space and budget available. Biofilta work closely with local and state governments, schools, residential developers, architects and designers to implement sustainable community gardens and urban farms to transform our cities into food bowls. For more information about this service please Contact Us.


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Perfect for home, office, balconies, rooftops, community gardens, schools, cafés, restaurants, aged care facilities, body corporate and development projects.


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