September 15, 2015

Urban Food Production

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Cities as food bowls

In Victoria, a recent study found that a typical food basket contains produce that may have travelled a over 21,000 km from its origin to the table. This is approximately the distance around the entire Australian coastline. Being able to reduce the food miles to metres is a challenge faced by all cities to live sustainably.

Biofilta recognises the challenge of urban food production and the need to turn our food miles into food metres for a sustainable future. Key issues faced with urban food production are:

  • House lot sizes are decreasing with space for vegetable gardens decreasing
  • Water efficiency in dry, hot environments
  • Ease of use for all ages to access and maintain

To meet the challenges, Biofilta has developed the Foodwall as a robust, modular urban food growing system designed for homes, community gardens, schools, cafés, aged care and the urban gardener. Growing vertically allows double or triple the amount of food you can grow in a given footprint.

Foodwall is soil based and uses the latest in wicking technology to store water for growing delicious vegetables or herbs in an optimal manner without the need for pumps or complicated irrigation systems.

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