September 29, 2015

Biofilta System

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Next Generation Biorention Systems

Biofilta has an award winning stormwater treatment and harvesting system that is sustainable, does not use proprietary components and makes valuable land available for additional development compared to traditional raingardens.

Biofilta’s innovative system involves a robust treatment train of gross pollutant removal, sediment removal, oil separation and large volume retention to capture as much short burst rainfall as possible.

Biofilta recognise that wetlands are not the only solution for urban stormwater treatment given the spatial constraints of urban development and cost of developable land. Bioretention treatment has been established as an effective means of combining natural beneficial bacterial and plants to reduce excess nutrients and pollution from urban runoff.

We also source our own sand and media to match the hydraulic properties modelled in eWater’s Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) so the end result is compliant and has the right characteristics to filter water with optimal contact time to remove pollutants.

Our system has been showcased in the Black Box exhibition as one of the top 64 designs to be developed in Melbourne since the city was founded.

Biofilta vs Traditional

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