September 29, 2015

Water Sensitive Urban Design

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Sustainable solutions for a changing climate

Biofilta staff are expert in the design and implementation of water sensitive urban design measures including:

  • Rain gardens.
  • Wetlands.
  • Nutrient removal.
  • Biological treatment of stormwater.
  • Capture and reuse of stormwater.

Our skilled staff are expert because we have engineering design experience and in-field delivery experience. We have to deliver what we design – this makes Biofilta the perfect partner for your project.

We understand that assets need to be built for the long term and need to be as simple as possible while meeting all legislative requirements. As practitioners, we keep abreast of the latest advances in the industry which means that over time, previous “best practice” may no longer apply or an asset may not be performing as originally specified for a range of reasons. Biofilta can assist with troubleshooting the issues and can provide a least cost rectification service for existing assets to ensure that they meet the current standards with the minimum of expense.

Our WSUD services include:

  • Least cost rectification reporting (LCR).
  • Water quality testing and comparison to design standards.
  • Hydraulic modelling.
  • Engineering review of original intent vs current outcomes.
  • Horticultural assessment of plant health and reasons why certain species are failing and others are thriving.
  • Cost estimate analysis with certainty for budget preparation.
  • High level strategic assessment of catchment opportunities for rationalisation of assets to lower ongoing costs.
  • CAD design of engineering solutions.
  • Rapid 3D sketching of options.
  • Aerial drone survey of volumes, sediment accumulation and vegetation mapping.
  • Water quality modelling using MUSIC and water balance assessments.
  • Project management.
  • Written reporting in plain English.
  • Construction services for wetlands, sediment basins, tanks, rain gardens and stormwater harvesting and reuse on any scale.